Rules Step by Step competition

Contest concept and rules of participation:

«Step by Step» is an international watercolor art competition organized for artists from around the world.

The main idea of the competition is to enable beginner artists to learn, and professionals to share experiences and skills, and possibly bring fresh ideas and new techniques to their work.

The competition provides an opportunity to consider the art of watercolor painting from the inside. The magic of creating any work, as a rule, remains hidden from the viewer. As a result, whether it is a masterpiece of a professional or the work of a novice artist, we see only the final result, and the creation process remains “behind the scenes”.

Step by Step is a project that allows you to reveal the stages of creating watercolor works of any complexity. Secrets of craftsmanship and personal discoveries of artists, author’s color combinations, and new conceptual techniques — all this is available to the contest participants thanks to Step by Step.


• The competition consists of 4 independent stages and a final. Each of the stages is independent of each other and lasts 30 days.

• As a result, according to the results of each stage, members of the distinguished jury will select from 3 to 5 stage winners, and the finalists of the competition.

• The winners of the stages will receive prizes from the ART partners of the competition — world-famous producers of art materials.

• Any artist has the right to take part in each of the 4 stages of the competition.

• All stages of the competition are independent of each other.

• Each artist can join the competition at any stage.

• At each stage, the artist can submit a maximum of one work.

• At each stage there must be new work. Even if the work was not included in the top 3 winners of one of the stages, or in the number of finalists, it cannot be presented in the next stage.

• Based on the results of each of the four stages of the Step by Step competition, the finalists will be announced, whose works will be included in the catalog * and will participate in the final of the competition.

• The main winner of the Step by Step competition will be selected among the finalists * and winners of the stages and will receive a large package of prizes from our art partners.

• The best works among the finalists * will be awarded a Special award and prizes from the ART partners of the competition (more than 50 prizes in the Special Award nomination).

How to become a participant in the competition

To participate in the competition:

1. Fill out the participant’s application form on the website:, tab: «Application form» and upload at least 5 and no more than 6 photos of the stage-by-stage implementation of your work of authorship. Where 1 photo is the starting fill, and the last photo is the finished work with a signature.

2. Subscribe to the page

3. Attention !!! To participate in the competition, you must fill in all the required fields of the «Application form«. All photos must meet the requirements! PHOTOS that do not meet the requirements of the rules will not be accepted for participation.


— The format of the uploaded photos is jpg. The size of each photo is from 3 MB to 5 MB. Resolution 300 dpi.

— Each photo should show only the work, without a frame, mat, tablet, and other auxiliary elements, and foreign objects. The photo must be taken from the front, that is, without perspective distortion.

All information should be written only in English, it is not allowed to write information in capital letters!

IMPORTANT! By participating in the competition, you automatically consent to the use of photographs of your work in any editions or publications of the Step by Step competition.

4. Pay 5 euros for filing an application (for members of the fund — free of charge) (what is included in this cost, see the PRIZE FUND section)

in any way convenient for you:

Pay Pal

Bank transfer (details upon request by email)

Western Union (Yuliia Kochetova\Poland\+48793754267)

5. Attach confirmation of payment in the appropriate field in the online participation form. And send your application.

Cost of participation:

The cost of filing an application in each of the 4 stages of the competition is 5 euros. For members of the fund — FREE OF CHARGE.

(this cost includes the processing of your data, placing an application on the FB page and in the event group, participation in the selection for prizes at a stage, and an e-certificate of a participant in one of the stages of the competition)

The cost of participation in the final — 40 euros — (paid once)

Each finalist is guaranteed to receive * one printed copy of the catalog, a certificate of the finalist of the international competition «Step by Step», participation in the drawing of prizes in all nominations, competition, the invitation to the festival in Gdansk ***. and a small surprise gift from the project’s ART partners (for more details, see the Prize Fund section)

The cost of shipping catalogs and prizes is NOT included in the cost of participation, the participant pays extra for shipping. Group shipping is possible.

 The shipping cost depends on the country of residence of the participant and is calculated according to the current tariffs of the postal operator.


Each finalist * of the competition is guaranteed to receive a printed version of the catalog, a finalist certificate, and a small surprise gift from the project’s ART partners.

Each participant will receive an e-certificate of participation in the Step by Step international watercolor contest.

• At each stage of the competition, 3-5 prizes are drawn in the nomination «Stage Winner» (All project participants participate in the drawing)

• More than 50 prizes will be awarded to the participants of the competition, from among the finalists, in the nomination «Special Award» (Only FINALISTS * of the project participate in the drawing)

The main winner of the Step by Step competition will receive a prize — ART materials from the ART partners of the competition with a total value of over 700 euros. Invitation to a 5-day summer open-air in Frombork **. Details on the link (a full list of prizes will be announced after the closing of the acceptance of works in the current season)

• The works of all finalists of the competition will be presented in the online gallery at /

• According to the results of the competition, in August 2021, an international watercolor festival will be held in Gdansk **. All finalists of the competition are invited to the festival ***.

• The best works of the competition will be presented at an exhibition that will be held during the watercolor festival, in August 2021, in a beautiful gallery on Mariacka Street, in Gdansk **.

• 4 finalists of the competition will receive an invitation to an international five-day Plein air in the beautiful city of Frombork **.

Step by Step Gold Edition

Dear friends, according to the results of three seasons of the Step by Step competition, the organizers decided to publish a book — International Competition of Watercolor Art «Step by Step» Golden Edition.

Book format — A4 (horizontal orientation), hardcover, gold stamping on the cover. Digital printing, high-quality paper. A unique publication that will not leave anyone indifferent lover of watercolor art.

Inside you will find:

Step-by-step photos, executions of many great watercolors, with detailed descriptions of materials, steps, and professional advice, from artists. Biographies of artists, palette features and secrets of craftsmanship — all this and not only awaits you in the new book.

 The book will include the works of the finalists that were not published in the catalogs of all three seasons of the competition. From one author is allowed from 1 to 3 works per book (from 2 to 4 pages A4 for one author).

What kind of works will be included in the book?

— According to the terms of the competition, only one work from each participant in each season is included in the catalog, many artists sent in two or three works per season, and as a result, many wonderful works were never published. It is THESE works that will be included in the book. Your work can also become part of the book if you submit more than one application in the current season, or have sent more than one application in past seasons, BUT ONLY if the work is selected for printing in the book.

Artists whose works will be printed in the book will receive a corresponding invitation message.

The selection of works for the book is carried out by the Council of Masters of the Foundation.

Participation in the «Gold Edition» project for the finalists of the competition * is free.

The cost of one copy of the book for the participants of the «Gold Edition» project is 38 euros (you can order at will)

The cost of the book for those wishing to purchase is 45 euros per copy, upon prior order. When ordering five books or more — shipping is FREE

The edition is limited, bookings will be accepted until July 15, 2021.


Stage 1 — from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021

The results of the 1st stage will be announced on February 5, 2021.

Stage 2 — from February 6, 2021 to March 6, 2021

The results of stage 2 will be announced on March 11, 2021.

Stage 3 — from March 12, 2021 to April 11, 2021

The results of the 3rd stage will be announced on April 15, 2021.

Stage 4 — from April 16, 2021 to May 16, 2021

The results of stage 4 will be announced on May 20, 2021.

Full List of Finalists Announced — May 21, 2021

Announcement of the list of nominees for the «Special Award» — based on the results of each stage of the competition

Announcement of the winners in the «Special Award» nomination — June 21, 2021

Payment for participation in the final is made according to the results of each stage and is accepted until the end of the next stage of the competition.

Deadline for payment based on the results of stage 4 until June 20, 2021.

The main competition winner will be announced at the Step by Step awards ceremony.

The date and place of the award ceremony will be announced later. (Presumably 20-22 August, 2021)

Sending catalogs from September 1 to December 1, 2021

Information and details for payment for participation in the final will be announced individually, after the announcement of the list of finalists.

«*» — Subject to payment for participation in the final

«**» — Provided that quarantine measures in Poland, for August 2021 will allow the holding of the event

«***» — The invitation applies to the awards ceremony and banquet during the festival.

Dear artists, the organizers of the project reserve the right to refuse an artist to participate in the project, without explaining the reasons, with a refund for the artist’s participation fee. We made such a decision due to the incorrect behavior of some of the finalists of the competition in past projects seasons. Please accept this moment with understanding.

If participation in the project is canceled on the initiative of the participant, the money for participation will not be returned.

Read the rules carefully before making your final decision.

Send all questions to the mail:

Or to the page:

©The project is patented in the international copyright database and is private intellectual property.

License number: 89081 dated: May 29, 2019

The organizer of the competition is the International Foundation Contemporary Watercolor Art

Curator — Julia Kochetova