New Art partners of the project

Well, friends, we want to make you a surprise at last! The fourth and final stage of the competition is approaching the equator, with just over two weeks left until the end of the 2021 season. we want to announce that our project has a new ART partner with amazing gifts. New ART partner of the Step by Step project, the company — Eureka & RockWell The main winner of the competition will get an amazing opportunity — to take part for free in a grand event in China, in a magnificent gallery is the largest, newest, and most professional art gallery in China, you can see the pictures in the attachment. This unique opportunity will be provided for our winner by representatives of the company «Eureka & RockWell» Also, five of our winners will receive awesome watercolor sets from the company «Eureka & RockWel! Don’t miss your chance! Participate! Win! Enjoy!

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