Important Announcement.

Dear friends!
In a couple of hours, we will announce the third stage of the Step by Step competition winners.
But first, we have a few important Announcement:

Due to numerous questions regarding participation in the Gold Edition project, I once again explain the rules for participation:
Only the participants of the Step by Step project are invited to the book. And in the book, we publish only those works that were not included in catalogs of the seasons of the Step by Step competition.
Based on the information above, to become a participant in the Gold Edition project, you need to:

  • send two or more applications for one season
  • reach the final of the competition
  • to receive an invitation from the organizers of the Gold Edition project.
    The first book includes unpublished works on the results of the first and second seasons of the project.
    We are planning to release a second book, which will include unpublished works on the results of the third (current) season of the Step by Step competition.

And the most important announcement:
Starting this season, the project Step by Step is moving into the BIENNALE format.
This means that there will be a break in 2022, and the Step by Step project, the fourth season, will start in 2023.
Friends, everyone who postponed their participation, April 16, 2021, will start the last stage of the competition for the next two years.
We invite all artists who are willing to share their experience and skills in working with watercolors to participate.
And in connection with this important announcement, we are removing restrictions on the number of works from one participant in one stage.
At the next stage (Which runs from April 16 to May 16, 2021), each artist can send any number of applications. (This decision was made — to give a chance to all interested artists to take part in the Gold Edition project)
Thank you all for your attention!
For all questions, please contact us by email:

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