Dear friends, dear artists!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the second International Exhibition-Biennale of watercolor art — «Our Wonderful World.»

In 2020, we decided to combine the efforts of the two departments of the International Watercolor Society and create a joint project that will become a symbol of friendly relations between watercolor artists from around the world.

International Watercolor Society Ukraine together with the International Watercolor Society Poland presents the project «Our Wonderful World».

The project is intended to become a symbol of mutual understanding, kindness, and tolerance for watercolor artists from the most remote corners of our planet. The beauty of our wonderful world has always united artists, regardless of nationality, religion or political views. The artist’s vocation is to bring beauty to this world, in harmony with nature and with each other. We invite you to share your work and remind all spectators and exhibitors how beautiful the world is.

In 2021, the exhibition and festival will adopt the format of the exhibition ART tour, which will be held in several cities of Ukraine and Poland. Kharkiv, Lviv, Lublin, Wroclaw.

In Kharkiv, as part of the exhibition tour, the International Festival of Watercolor Art will be held. During the festival, participants will be able to visit the Feldman Ecopark (Kharkiv). Famous watercolorists will demonstrate their skills on the territory of Ecopark. And according to tradition, the participants will create a joint “long” watercolor dedicated to the inhabitants of this unique multi-complex.

In Lviv, participants will see the grand opening of an exhibition of demonstration of skill from Ukrainian artists, a master class from the leader of IWS Ukraine — Galyna Otchych, and a rich walk, with a master of watercolor sketching, through the streets of the old city.

In Lublin, as part of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, there will be demonstrations of craftsmanship from Polish and Ukrainian watercolor artists, as well as a master class from Mieczysław Malawski.

Rules for participation:

— The exhibition can be attended by artists from around the world aged 18 years and older.

— The theme is free.

— The exhibition can take part only original work made by the author in person, over the last three years (no later than October 2016). Copies of works by other artists in any format will not be accepted.

— Original works, executed at least 90% in watercolor, are accepted for participation in the exhibition.

— Forwarding of works is included in the cost of participation and is paid by the organizers.

— Works will not be sold during the exhibition. However, if potential buyers show interest, the organizers will personally contact the artist to determine the conditions of sale. Organizers charge a fee of 25% of the sale price. DO NOT write the price on the back of the work!

— Only one format is participating in the exhibition — 56×38 cm. Vertical or horizontal orientation.

— Each participant can submit only one work.

— Photographs of the submitted works must correspond to the works actually delivered to the exhibition.

— When submitting the work, all artists agree that their work can be used for advertising purposes of the exhibition and festival.

— A digital image of the work in jpg (JPG) format, with a size of at least 3 Mb but not more than 7 Mb, with a resolution of at least 300 DPI, and the application form must be sent by the link  tab “Application form”.

ATTENTION! Photos of works that do not meet the requirements of the organizers will not be accepted.

— The name of the image should be in the format “COUNTRY + NAME + NAME OF WORK + SIZE OF WORK” jpg.

Awards and prizes:

— Prizes and various gifts from ART partners, as well as special awards, will be presented at the opening of the exhibition.

— The awards will be presented in several categories of watercolor craftsmanship:

-Landscape \ Cityscape

— Portrait \ Figurative

— Animalistic

Winners not present at the opening ceremony will be notified by email.

Jury members:

The jury will select digital photographs of the work.

Winners in all categories will be announced on March 2020.

All decisions of the judges are final.

Dates and deadlines:

Date of the festival and the opening of the exhibition in Kharkiv: July 2021 (The exact date will be announced in April 2021)

Dates of the holding and opening of exhibitions in other cities of the exhibition tour will be announced in April 2021

Deadline for submitting an application: from November 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020

An additional recruitment of participants will be held in March 2021. Follow the news on the website and on the FB page

Payment of participation: until April 20, 2021

Sending watercolor work originals: until April 30, 2021

Payment for participation and sending original watercolor works are carried out individually or through the leader of the IWS of the participating country.

Cost of participation:

Pay for participation is necessary only if your work is selected for participation in the exhibition, and after the list of participants is announced!

In the format “Exhibition + Catalog”

For IWS members, or when applying through leaders of the IWS of your country — 80 euros.

Individual participation — 88 euros.

For Ukrainian and Polish artists, when applying through leaders of the IWS of your country — 55 euros.

For IWS leaders who organize a minimum of five artists, participation is free.

The cost of participation in the format «Exhibition + Catalog» includes:

— participation in the exhibition in at least one city of the exhibition tour, guaranteed Kharkiv *;

— framed paintings;

— catalog;

— certificate;

— Participation in the 3-day program of the festival of watercolor art in Kharkiv, and participation in all activities related to the tour in other cities;

— participation in all demo masterclasses from international masters of watercolor art;

— participation in the prize draw from our ART partners;

— transportation of works as part of the exhibition tour;

— return shipment of works.

* The works of all exhibitors will be guaranteed to be exhibited in Kharkiv in the AVEC gallery, if we select your work for participation in several cities of the tour, no additional fee will be charged.

In the format «Catalog»

For IWS members, when applying through the IWS leader of your country, an individual application is 45 euros.

For Ukrainian and Polish artists when submitting through the IWS leader of your country — 40 euros.

The cost of participation in the «Catalog» format includes:

— catalog;

— certificate;

— participation in the prize draw from our ART partners;

The mailing address for sending the original works, all information on payment of participation, as well as all additional instructions for sending, will be communicated additionally after the announcement of the selection results to all selected participants and leaders of the countries.

— The exhibition organizers are not responsible for any damage to the work at the stage of delivery to the organizer’s country. We recommend that you insure your work.

The postback of works will be carried out from October 1 to December 31, 2020.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program of the exhibition tour. In case of changes, all information will be announced later.

All questions regarding the exhibition should be sent to the official page of the event:

or email:

Founder IFCWA — Julia Kochetova

Leader of IWS Ukraine — Galyna Otchych