Our Wonderful World

«Our Wonderful World» is the International Watercolor Exhibition Tour (IWET)
The exhibition was first held in Kharkiv, in July 2018, at the AVEC Gallery, under the auspices of the International Watercolor Society Ukraine and with the support of IWS Ukraine leader Galyna Otchych.
International Watercolor Society is a community founded in 2012. The founder and president of the society are Atanur Dogan. At the moment, IWS has about 100 branches worldwide. Each year, under the auspices of IWS, more than 15 international events are held in different countries of the world.
The founder and curator of the exhibition are
Julia Kochetova — artist, leader of IWS Poland in 2018-2020 years, organizer of international events in the field of watercolor art, founder International Foundation contemporary Watercolor Art.
In the new season, the organizers decided to make some innovative changes in the format and program of the event.
So in 2020, the exhibition and festival will adopt the format of the exhibition ART tour, which will be held in several cities of Ukraine and Poland.
The exact program of the tour will be available in December 2019.
The changes also affected the program of the festival of watercolor art, which takes place as part of the exhibition. In 2020, watercolors from Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany were invited to the festival in Kharkiv. All invited guests of the festival will hold demonstration master classes and share with the participants the secrets of watercolor craftsmanship.
Another nice change — prizes. In the new season, four winners in different categories will receive valuable prizes from the ART partners of the project.
Artists from all over the world are invited to participate. Professionals, amateurs, members of any watercolor communities, and associations. Our project is open to all artists who are ready to share their work.
Thanks to a flexible and convenient application filing system, each artist can choose for himself an appropriate participation format.
There are two formats to choose from:
“Exhibition + catalog” and “Catalog”
In order to apply for participation in the project, go to the tab “Application form” and fill in all required fields.
Filing an application is free of charge.
Paying for participation is only necessary if your work is selected.