The prize fund, of the competition Step by Step

Dear friends, in 2020, in the second season of the Step by Step competition, our ART partners projects supported us with an incredible number of gifts — more than 100 units of products from world-famous manufacturers of ART materials, with a total value of more than 4000 euros. All of these prizes went to our finalists and winners in 2020.
75 prizes in the second season and this is not the limit ….;) _
We present you the prize fund for the second season of the Step by Step International Watercolor Competition

Each finalist * of the competition is guaranteed to receive a printed version of the catalog, a finalist certificate, and a small surprise gift from the project’s ART partners.

Each participant will receive an e-certificate of participation in the Step by Step international watercolor contest.

• At each stage of the competition, 3-5 prizes are drawn in the nomination «Stage Winner» (All project participants participate in the drawing)

• More than 50 prizes will be awarded to the participants of the competition, from among the finalists, in the nomination «Special Award» (Only FINALISTS * of the project participate in the drawing)

The main winner of the Step by Step competition will receive a prize — ART materials from the ART partners of the competition with a total value of over 700 euros. Invitation to a 5-day summer open-air in Frombork **. Details on the link (a full list of prizes will be announced after the closing of the acceptance of works in the current season)

• The works of all finalists of the competition will be presented in the online gallery at /

• According to the results of the competition, in August 2021, an international watercolor festival will be held in Gdansk **. All finalists of the competition are invited to the festival ***.

• The best works of the competition will be presented at an exhibition that will be held during the watercolor festival, in August 2021, in a beautiful gallery on Mariacka Street, in Gdansk **.

• 4 finalists of the competition will receive an invitation to an international five-day Plein air in the beautiful city of Frombork **.

Prizes may vary .