Plein air in Frombork


Based on the results of the third season, the Step by Step International Watercolor Competition, the organizers decided to hold a Plein air.
Five finalists (among which will be the winner of the competition) of the competition will be invited to the Plein air.

Participation in the open air is available for all interested finalists

Dates of the Plein air: 23-27 August 2021 in Frombork.
(The city is located on the shores of the Vistula Lagoon, 100 km from Gdansk. Transport, for the invited finalists, to the Plein air venue from Gdansk and back, at the expense of the organizers)

Accommodation in one or two local, comfortable rooms, breakfast included. The hotel is 5 minutes from the beach, view from all rooms to the Cathedral.

All materials for the Plein air are provided to the invited artists irrevocably, by our ART partners — W&N company. (Watercolors, brushes, paper)

Each of the invited finalists must donate to the foundation one of their works, created during the open air, to the organizers.
Each participant of the Plein air will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, at the location chosen by the artist, the demo will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the foundation.
Also, for each of the invited finalists, a presentation video will be made for the artist’s portfolio.

For artists wishing to join the plein air, please write to the email:
The number of vacant places is 10 places.
Conditions of participation and booking upon request.

The Plein air will be held only if there are no quarantine measures in the region on the dates of the Plein air.

Participants come to Gdansk on their own, the organizers do not pay transport costs, with the exception of transport from Gdansk to Frombork and back.