Step by Step competition

«Step by Step» — is an international watercolor art competition organized for artists from around the world.

The main idea of the competition is to enable beginner artists to learn, and professionals to share experiences and skills, and possibly bring fresh ideas and new techniques to their work.

The competition provides an opportunity to consider the art of watercolor painting from the inside. The magic of creating any work, as a rule, remains hidden from the viewer. As a result, whether it is a masterpiece of a professional or the work of a novice artist, we see only the final result, and the creation process remains “behind the scenes”.

Step by Step is a project that allows you to reveal the stages of creating watercolor works of any complexity. Secrets of craftsmanship and personal discoveries of artists, author’s color combinations and new conceptual techniques — all this is available to the contest participants thanks to Step by Step.

According to the results of the competition, an open-air and an exhibition of the best works of the participants will be held in Gdansk in August 2021.
The second international watercolor festival will also be held in Gdansk on August 2021
Also, the finalists of the competition will be awarded more than 75 prizes from the ART partners of the competition.