Van Gogh brand prize in Black color

Dear friends! It’s time to introduce you to another prize set for our finalists from Royal Talens company. Royal Talens has provided 10 great prizes for our finalists. Earlier I have already introduced you to two of them. Royal Talens — a world-famous company specializing in the creation of professional art materials. The main production facilities are located in the… Read more →

Fest intro

Dear friends! We present to you, the online watercolor art festival dedicated to the awards ceremony, the second season of the Step by Step competition.The festival will take place on September 25-27, 2020 Within three days, 30 demonstrations of skill from watercolor artists from 15 countries will be presented. Video demonstrations will be available on the contest’s YouTube channel and… Read more →

Result of the fourth stage of the competition Step by Step

Dear friends!The fourth and last stage of the second season of the international watercolor competition Step by Step has come to an end, applications are closed, and the distinguished members of the jury have already made their choice.In the second season we received more than 550 applications from artists from 55 countries of the world, dear friends — a new… Read more →

Renesans watercolours in tubes

Dear friends! It’s time to introduce you to the products of the company Renesans. Renesans: — «The range of extra fine watercolors in tubes includes 70 colors.  50 were produced based on one pigment only, thanks to which colours blend perfectly and are excellent for professional use. The new pigments have been tested for compliance with the highest quality standards… Read more →

Results of the third stage of the competition

Dear friends!In a difficult time for everyone, it is especially difficult for creative people to endure isolation from society and from the reviving spring nature, isolation from travel and friendly meetings. It’s time to rally and be strong, confident in the future and delight the world with positive — creating new wonderful works. Let’s support each other and share our… Read more →

Van Gogh brand prize

Friends, we continued to review the product articles of ART partner companies Step by Step. Royal Talens provided us with three different prize sets, which our finalists received and, of course, the winner of the competition. The first review of brands by Rembrandt for the winner of the competition was published on February 9, and you can find it on… Read more →

«White Nights» Set of watercolor paints, 24 colors

Dear friends! Our competition expands its borders, friendships, and goals. This season we decided to introduce you in detail to the products of ART partner companies, of the Step by Step project. We present to you the company Neva Palette! The Neva Palette Artistic Paints Plant has been producing watercolors for 85 years, while maintaining the tradition of producing the… Read more →

Results of the second stage of the competition

Dear friends!I am pleased to announce that the second stage, the second season of the international watercolor competition Step by Step is closed.In the second season of the competition, you were waiting for changes in the rules and conditions of participation, which, fortunately, did not cause difficulties, but on the contrary made the competition more dynamic and modern.At two stages… Read more →

Rembrandt brand prize

Dear friends! With this article, we are starting a series of publications about the products of our ART partners. We will tell you in detail about the brand and the product that we will present in each article. We will test the products and create watercolor works using the appropriate materials. Royal Talens provided us with three different sets of… Read more →