Stanislaw Zoladz

Stanislaw Zoladz is a figurative watercolour artist, famous for his skills in depicting water and light. He was born in a village in Southern Poland in 1952. He painted from early childhood. Five years of high school with an art slant were followed by six years art at Krakow at Fine Art Academy.  In 1978 he moved to Sweden, where watercolour became his medium of choice. After the soft atmospheric light of Poland, sunlit Sweden was hard to interpret – crisp and uncompromising. But it was a challenge too. All his paintings have one thing in common – it is his impression of light. Nature is a predominant theme in his works of art. His paintings are not provoking, not inventive, they are devoid of a message, and don’t regard contemporary life.

But they do invite the spectator to contemplate. Anything else is unavoidable, as his paintings are so close to nature – complete with temperature, smells, and, the touch of the wind. Watching his paintings is experiencing a simple thing, a beautiful surrounding. Water or snow can be found on most of his paintings, often accompanied by rocks, boats or a lonely house reminding us of the human presence in nature.

His extraordinary technical mastery, combined with a keen eye for the raw Scandinavian landscapes, have made him one of the best known Nordic watercolour artists. His studio is situated in Nacka – a part of Stockholm and in Simpnäs in north of Stockholm’s archipelago.

He was once presented with a painting prize by that British barometer of watercolour excellence, Prince Charles.

Stanislaw Zoladz is a member of KRO (Swedish Artists’ Society) and the NAS (Nordic Society of Water-colourists).

Stanislaw Zoladz is one of the founders of IMWA and from November 2020 will be president of Association.

Most important Awards and Prizes:
2000 — Second Prize at the Winsor & Newton Painting Contest.
2013 — Excellence Prize at Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial.
2014 — Award of Excellence in the art at World Watermedia Exposition in Thailand.
2014 — Selected as one of 23 watercolour artists at The 2014 World Watercolour Competition in Narbonne.
2016 — Lifetime Award – “Pearl of Peace through Watercolor” First International Watercolor
           Biennale, traveling, Pakistan
2016 — 1st Prize at Fabriano International Watercolour Biennial.
2016 — Award of Excellence, International Triennial Water & Spirit – Varna – Bulgaria
2017 — First prize at On Line Contest IWS India
2018 ­- The Public Prize at The International Exhibition Watercolor Masters – 2018, St. Petersburg,
2018 — Jury Award, Pakistan 2018, for the roll of member of jury
2018 — “Ismail Lulani Award: For the best Artist” at VIZart International Watercolor Festival 2018Letters of Appointment and part of jury
2015 Taiwan World of Watercolor Competition, Taiwan — jury
2016 — 1st IWS Exhibition Shanghai, China – jury
2016 — 1st Young Artists Watercolor Exhibition in Handan – jury
2017 — David International Watercolor Grand Prix – jury
2017 — Stanislaw Zoladz has been appointed as jury of The Inaugural Universal Watercolor
            Exposition 2018
2018 — IWS Pakistan — jury
2018 — IWS Thailand – jury
2018 — Stanislaw Zoladz has been appointed as jury member of Fabriano International Watercolour
           Biennial 2020
2019 — Watercolor Festival IWS Bulgaria – jury
2019 – Watercolor Competition India (Amit Kapoor) – jury
2019 – IMWA young On line Competition – jury
2020 – IWAF – Taiwan – jury
2020 — Fabriano International Watercolour Biennial 2020 — jury