Fernand Thienpondt

He has studied Interior-architecture. During his professional career,, he attends lectures at the Academic of Arts in Bruges.  But it was in 1998 he had the opportunity to follow a workshop in Bruges with watercolour-master  JOHN YARDLEY and ALVARO CASTAGNET in Leuven. It was the start –or better the acceleration- of his passion for Watercolour painting. Convinced that a good basic knowledge -of matters such as perspective, colour mixing, shade, etc.– forms the basis of successful artwork, he set up the Flemish School of Watercolour Painting and Design. He regards water-colour painting (or any other art form) as a more intense way of living, a way of living which allows us to better ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ the things which surround us in our everyday lives.

This idea finds it best expression in his ‘observation of nature’. In addition, people also stand central in his work, albeit often interwoven with their own natural environment. Or…dreams about the future?

He tries to include a wide range of interesting features in all his paintings, using LIGHT, DIVERSITY OF COLOURS, ATMOSPHERE, and MOVEMENT as his key elements.