Igor Mosiychuk

Igor was born in 1963 in Ukraine.

 Early years spent among the beautiful nature of Volyn, which influenced further creativity.

Igor Mosiychuk — People’s Artist of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika, member of the Council of the Union of Artists of Pridnestrovie, Professor, Head of the Department of Decorative and Applied Art at the Pridnestrovian State University. T.G. Shevchenko.

In 1982 he graduated from the Odessa State Art School. Mb Grekova.

In 1994 he graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute. I. Fedorov.

Works in the field of graphic art, sculpture and design.

Works are in museums and private collections in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The participant of 80 republican exhibitions, 60 international exhibitions and 9 personal exhibitions. He has won many international awards.

International exhibitions and competitions:

— World Watercolor Exhibition, Thailand, Bangkok, 2014;

— International project «Masters of watercolor», St. Petersburg, Russia, 2015;

— “The World of Watercolors” at the Seoul South Korea Triennale, 2015;

— International Festival of Watercolors «Fabriano», Italy, 2015;

— International festival İWS “Peace through art”, Bornovo Izmir, Turkey, 2015;

— International Watercolor Biennale, Brussels, Belgium, 2015;

— Personal exhibition of watercolors «Seasons», Istanbul, Turkey, 2016;

— International Festival of Watercolors «Fabriano», Italy 2016;

— International festival «VIZ art» Tirana, Albania, 2016;

— First International Festival of Watercolors in Ukraine, Kiev, 2016;

— International watercolor exhibition “Peace through art”, Moscow, Russia, 2016;

— International exhibition «Watercolor Reims 2016», Reims, France, 2016;

— International Triennial, Varna, Bulgaria 2016;

— All-Ukrainian international exhibition “Sea of ​​Watercolors”, Ukraine, Odessa, 2016;

— The first international watercolor biennale Hong Kong, 2016;

— The second international biennale «VIZ art» Tirana, Albania, 2017;

— International Exhibition “22 world masters of watercolor”, India, New Delhi, 2017;

— Chinese-European exhibition of contemporary watercolors, Vienna, Austria, 2017;

— Personal exhibition of watercolors, Varna, Bulgaria, 2017;

— International exhibition “Light of Watercolors”, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017;

— International exhibition of watercolors RE INTEPRETATION-2017, Shanghai, China, 2017;

— International Festival «Watercolor Week in Lviv», Ukraine, 2017;

— International Exhibition IWS India, New Delhi, 2018;

— International project «Masters of watercolor», St. Petersburg, Russia, 2018;

— International Exhibition IWS Pakistan, 2018;

— International Festival «VIZ art» Tirana, Albania, 2018;

  — First international festival of watercolor İWS Czech Republic, 2018;

— International Art Festival «Art Life Fest» Moscow, Russia 2018;

— International exhibition “Bigrupinsan” (A + B gallery), Istanbul, Turkey, 2018;

— The first international biennale of watercolor IWS Malaysia, 2018;

— International exhibition “Sea of ​​Watercolors”, Ukraine, Odessa, 2018;

— International exhibition of watercolors Shanghai, China, 2018;

— Exhibition of Ukrainian artists «Art World Ukraine», Kiev, Ukraine, 2019;

— International Watercolor Festival, Lima, Peru, 2019;

— Exhibition “Sea of ​​Watercolors”, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kiev, 2019.

─ The Lake Blue Heaven International Festival. Qingdao, China. 2019.


    — Winner of the Republican exhibition-competition of artists teachers,

     Bender, Transnistria, 2005;

    — Winner of the state competition «My Transnistria», Tiraspol, Transnistria, 2010;

    — Winner of the award in the category «Fine Arts» International Competition for the Memory of Saints Cyril and Methodius, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010;

    — Winner of the international competition «Transnistria through the eyes of an artist», Bender, Transnistria, 2015;

    — The winner (included in the top 20 authors) of the international competition «Spring Festival» IWS Albania, 2015;

    — Winner of the international online competition (3 positions) IWS Pakistan, 2016;

    — Nominee at the international triennial for professionalism in art, Varna, Bulgaria 2016;

   — I place in the nomination «Landscape» of the second international biennale «VIZ art», Tirana, Albania, 2017;

   — III place in the international online watercolor competition, India, 2017.

— The winner of the international competition IWS — Paul Rubens, China, 2018.

 — Award “Excellence” of the first international festival of watercolors İWS Czech Republic, 2018.

 — Winner of the EXCELEN WORK AWARD award at the International Watercolor Festival

      «The Lake Blue Heaven». Qingdao, China.2019.