Finalists and Winners

Dear friends!

The time has finally come to announce the winners in our festive Christmas Light project.

During the project, we received over 300 beautiful watercolors from artists from 45 countries.

Our participants sent over 35 videos of skill demonstrations to the online festival, and of course, all this made the pre-party time magically.

We are grateful to all the project participants for the wonderful work and vivid emotions that you gave us through your work.

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

Pravin Khotre became the winner of the online festival. His video has received 500 likes and received one of the Special Awards.

The winners in the nominations are:

Landscape \ City landscape

Nikolay Solodov — Russian Federation — 1st place

Agnieszka Aszkiełowicz — Poland — 2nd place

Sanghamitra Roy Majumder — India 3rd place

Portrait \ Figurative

Yuliya Zilbert — Greece — 1st place

Anna Kuchabska — Ukraine — 2nd place

Suzy Schultz — United States — 3rd place

Still-life \ Botanical watercolor

Alison Pinto — India 1st place

Alexander Bobryshev — Ukraine — 2nd place

Galina Shargina — Russian Federation — 3rd place

Special Award

Andrey Samolinov — Russian Federation

Diana Avramova — Belgium

Watana Kreetong — Thailand

Chiao-Ni Chiu — Taiwan

Ana Radivilovic — Lithuania

Svitlana Druzhko — Ukraine

Artists invited to the exhibition in Gdansk:

Nikolay Solodov \Russian Federation «Christmas morning»

Agnieszka Aszkiełowicz\Poland «The winter orchard»

Sanghamitra Roy Majumder\India «Sound of Serenity»

Julia Zilbert\Greece «Acquaintance»

Anna Kuchabska\Ukraine «Warm hat»

Suzy Schultz \United States «Contemplation»

Galina Shargina\Russian Federation «Pink Alstroemeria»

Andrey Samolinov\Russian Federation «Christmas»

Chiao-Ni Chiu\Taiwan «Spiritual resonance»

Sofya Demskaya\Belgium «Hour in Zermatt»

Bogdana Humeniuk\Ukraine «Winter dawn»

Diana Avramova\Belgium «Monk»

Eve Mazur\Austria «Moon»

Ewelina Dydacka\Poland «Oh Deer»

Corinne Izquierdo\France «était une fois, Noël»

Kateryna Gerlach\Germany «Bramble»

Julia Kirilina\Russian Federation «Camomile cloud»

Veneta Docheva\Bulgaria «Silence»

Svitlana Druzhko \Ukraine «Fragile ice»

Victoria Sevastyanova \Russian Federation«A festive air»

Thank you all very much for participating in the project.

Tomorrow all invited artists will receive an email with instructions on how to send their artwork to Poland.

Also, within 2-3 days, all participants will receive e-certificates by email.

We wish you all light and joy, happy holidays, and take care of yourself!

Best wishes, the fund team

Renesans company

Julia Kochetova