Christmas Light project

At all times, Christmas has been a holiday of kindness and light.

This light gives people hope and love. Mutual support and tolerance unite the souls of people in a single impulse to create pure and light art that knows no boundaries and awakens a reciprocal wave of goodness in the souls of spectators.

Artists create beautiful, unique works using only paper, colored pigment, and water, but this is precisely the skill of watercolor artists. The unique individuality of each author in his work with watercolors allows him to reveal all his possibilities as an artist-creator.

The exhibition and competition will feature works by artists from all over the world. Even an inexperienced viewer will be able to catch the different creative manner of artists, their different views of the world around them.

Dear friends, we present you the Christmas Light project, organized by the International Foundation Contemporary Watercolor Art «Step by Step» with the support of the Renesans company. We invite all of you to join the action of goodness and light and remember that the world is beautiful, and we are all lucky because we live in it!

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