Season 2 Winners Announced!

Hello dear friends!

Congratulations to everyone on the finale of the second season of the Step by Step competition! In the second season of the competition, we received over 500 applications from 55 countries of the world !!!

The level of work exceeded all expectations. The professionalism and uniqueness of each of you will forever remain in the history of the competition. I am immensely grateful to each participant for his work and inspiration.I also want to thank the leaders of the IWS of all countries who supported our project and took an active part in the competition. Of course, I am very grateful to the ART partners of the competition. Despite all the obstacles and the difficult situation in the world, we received excellent support and many great prizes from world-famous companies, manufacturers of ART materials.

Many thanks to all members of the jury of the competition, who made a decisive choice at each stage. Each work was assessed by the jury on a 10-point scale, all jury members voted independently of each other, and the final choice was made based on the final voting result — according to the number of points that each participant’s work gained.

The undoubted skill and talent of each member of the jury allowed making the fairest, independent, and honest choice.

Due to the changes in the world that affected everyone and everyone, we could not hold a watercolor festival in Gdansk this year, but thanks to the active support of our finalists, an online festival took place it was a great end to the second season and a great addition to the competition. We have received more than 30 demonstrations of skill from artists from 16 countries of the world and this is the best confirmation that watercolor unites people all over the world and knows no boundaries!

Starting from the third season, the online skill demonstration festival will become an integral part and a new tradition of our competition!

Also, the second season was a real discovery for me, thanks to your active participation in the competition.

An unexpected amount of great work helped to make another important decision:Due to the fact that only one work from each finalist is traditionally placed in the catalog, for two seasons we have collected a lot of great works that have not been published.

For this reason, our team made the following decision: In 2021, based on the results of three seasons, an additional catalog of the best-unpublished works of the Step by Step competition will be printed. The number of works from one author will not be limited. Dear friends, you can see dozens of previously unreleased, magnificent works of our finalists with descriptions of steps and materials, and all this awaits you in the new catalog «Golden Edition of the Step by Step Competition».In the second season of the competition, 80 prizes were opened for the finalists in various nominations.18 prizes in the nomination «Stage Winner»

Natallia Valiukevich

Gungun Lin

Sin Fatt See Thoo

Galina Shargina

Annette Kamfer

Jorge Fernandez (Tarmeño)

Nikolay Solodov

Kan Srijira

Nataliia Kulikovska

Sang Nguyen Thanh

Carsten Wieland

Shirin Nematzadeh

Sergey Yakovlev

Lizaveta Antropova

Croigny-Manier Françoise

Kam Tim Lam

Egle Lipeikaite

Tatiana Majewska

58 Prizes in the nomination «Special Award»

Olga Novitskaya

Irina Donskova

Tatsiana Shved

Svetlana Tupahina

Volha Valasatava

Sofya Demskaya

Elis Panaseyko

Diana Avramova

Victor Hugo Rueda

Mauri Virtanen

Ülle Kuldkepp

Rey Catherine

Victoria Sevastyanova

Julia Zilbert

Naznin Lalani

Mahesh M. Mankar

Aksshaya Venkat

Pradip Biswas

Farukh Nadaf

Sharareh Haddadi

Saba Shojaeizadeh

Shiva Tayebi

Ira Zybin

Liliya Pavlova

Sofia Becherucci

Ana Radivilovič

Olga Dadasheva

Lee Yan Goh

Susana Abundis

Jan Min

Julia Ustinovich

Svitlana Lagutina

Varvara Kurakina

Ewelina Dydacka

Draga Michaela Iatan

Tatyana Juice

Julia Kirilina

Yuliya Mosunova

Andrey Fedoseev

Anastasia Petriaeva

Olga Nigulimova

Ekaterina Shilyaeva

Julia Vorobyeva

Andrey Samolinov

Ekaterina Barabanshchikova

Rekha Sinath

Vicente García Fuentes

Chainarong Wirunphat

Mr.Siwa Inthakhot

Watana Kreetong

Tatiana Koparan

Oleksandr Bobryshev

Halyna Otchych

Kulish Tetyana

Olga Soldatova

Olena Bilgorodska

Yana Shvets

Olena Didenko

All works of the winners are posted in the gallery of the Step by Step competition site, I invite everyone to visit the online gallery and get acquainted with our winners.…/second-season-gallery/

In the nomination Best Video Demo

First place — Tere Lojero

Second place — Deepanwita Paul

Third place — Suzana Abundis

So, with pride and great joy, I present to you the winner of the second season of the Step by Step competition.

The winner is Supawan Srinapharat from Thailand

Dear friends, the season has taken place thanks to your support and interest in our project. Congratulations to all winners, finalists, and participants. I wish everyone inspiration to create new wonderful and unique pieces. See you in the third season of the competition!

Peace and kindness to all!

Julia Kochetova

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