Result of the fourth stage of the competition Step by Step

Dear friends!
The fourth and last stage of the second season of the international watercolor competition Step by Step has come to an end, applications are closed, and the distinguished members of the jury have already made their choice.
In the second season we received more than 550 applications from artists from 55 countries of the world, dear friends — a new level in our contest, and thanks to you, the competition has gained a new dimension after going for 6 months across the world.
245 artists reached the final of the competition. I proudly congratulate everyone and admire the work of the participants! Your work is beautiful, unique, and unforgettable. All works will forever remain on the pages of the history of our competition. Each work brought something new and unique to our project, each work gave us a piece of the creative world of the author, I am infinitely grateful to you, dear friends, for trust and support, in such a difficult time.
At each stage, it was very difficult to make a choice, and the members of the respected jury helped us in this. Each work was evaluated by each member of the jury on a 10-point scale, all members of the jury voted independently of each other, the final choice was made according to the final result of the vote — by the number of points of each participant.
The undeniable craftsmanship and talent of each jury member made it possible to make the fairest, independent, and right choice.
Of course, we are very grateful to the ART partners of the contest. Despite all the barriers, we received excellent support and many prizes from world-famous companies producing ART materials. Thanks to them, more than 50 participants will receive valuable prizes, and the winner will receive the main prize — ART materials worth 500 euros.
We have prepared for all of our finalists a little surprise, which I hope will delight our participants!
A few more updates: all finalists of the competition will additionally receive an e-certificate of the participant and will be able to see their work in the e-catalog on the contest website on August 5, 2020 (a printed version of the catalog and certificate is required, all finalists will receive).
The winner of the competition and the winners in the Special Award nomination will be announced on August 5.
So, with pride and joy, I announce the list of finalists, the full list of nominations for the Special Award which includes 90 works and of course the winners of the fourth stage of the competition Step by Step
In the nomination «Stage Winner»
Tatiana Majewska
Croigny-Manier Françoise
Kam Tim Lam
In the nomination «Special Prize»
Egle Lipeikaite
In the nomination «Stage winner among the leaders of IWS»
Lizaveta Antropova
Dear winners, finalists, and nominees, please check your email within three days, everyone will be sent instructions on how to pay for participation in the final, if due to quarantine measures in your country you cannot pay for participation at the time, please MUST inform us about this, we will find way out.
Congratulations to all again!
Take care of yourself and be healthy!
Team Step by Step!

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