Results of the third stage of the competition

Dear friends!
In a difficult time for everyone, it is especially difficult for creative people to endure isolation from society and from the reviving spring nature, isolation from travel and friendly meetings. It’s time to rally and be strong, confident in the future and delight the world with positive — creating new wonderful works. Let’s support each other and share our skills, learn something new and hone our skills!
I am very touched, by how many wonderful works we received in the third stage of the competition! I am infinitely pleased to see how the skill of our participants is growing, I am glad to welcome new countries in our project, I am very grateful to all the ART partners of the project who support us in this season. Thank you, dear friends, for supporting our project, for the tireless desire to create new masterpieces and for giving the opportunity to observe the process of creating your beautiful, truly unique works. And of course, many thanks to the members of our esteemed jury! Your talent and professionalism certainly helped make the right and undeniable choice.
For three stages of the competition, we have already received more than 400 applications from 45 countries of the world !!! I am happy that our project found reviews in the hearts of so many talented artists!
Ahead of us the last, the fourth stage of the competition. I invite you to take part in this online project, all the artists in whose hearts burns the fire of inspiration and thirst for new discoveries in the wonderful world of watercolor art.

Today a list of finalists based on the results of the third stage of the competition will be announced. This means that the final works will be printed in the catalog, all finalists will receive a certificate of participation and a copy of the catalog, as well as these works, will participate in the selection in the nomination “Winner of the competition Step by Step”. We also decided to announce a list of nominees for the Special Award based on the results of 1-3 stages of the competition.
The finals of stage 3 included 200 best works. I want to note that in the selection criteria, an important place is taken by the quality of the photos you send. Therefore, please, when sending your application for the contest, check the quality of the images that you submit. I also want to ask you not to fill out the questionnaire in capital letters and name the photos you upload: Steps — with numbers from 1 to 6, and your photo portrait — with your name.

So, with pride and great joy I announce the winners of the third stage of the «Step by Step» competition:

In the nomination « Winners among the leader IWS»:
Shirin Nematzadeh / Iran
In the nomination «Stage Winners»:
Supawan Srinapharat / Thailand
Carsten Wieland / Germany
Sergey Yakovlev / Russian Federation

Congratulations to the winners! I remind you that these works will also take part in the selection for the title of the winner of the competition.

Information for the finalists:
— participation in the finals is paid, instructions for payment will be sent to you by email in the coming days.
— all finalists and stage winners can continue to participate in the competition in the following stages, with new work.
Stage participants who are not among the winners and finalists can also continue to participate in the competition at the last fourth stage. For further participation, you must send a new job, according to all the rules of the competition. Also, I want to note that to participate in the competition it is not necessary to participate in all stages. The competition is open to new participants at any stage, each stage of the competition is INDEPENDENT! You can become a participant in the competition at any stage.
Who did not take part in the third stage — welcome to the competition for any of the following stage to send their work following the rules of the contest.
Acceptance of work for the fourth stage of the competition will be open on April 16, 2020!
Participate, Win, Enjoy.

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