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Dear friends!

With this article, we are starting a series of publications about the products of our ART partners.

We will tell you in detail about the brand and the product that we will present in each article.

We will test the products and create watercolor works using the appropriate materials.

Royal Talens provided us with three different sets of prizes that our finalists will receive and of course the winner of the competition.

First, we will consider a brand prize for the winner of the competition. This product is a brand — Rembrandt.

Royal Talens — a world-famous company specializing in the creation of professional art materials. The main production facilities are located in the city of Apeldoorn (Netherlands). The company was founded in 1899 by Marten Talens, who was in love with painting. After a while, when his products were highly appreciated by many artists, the royal family of the Netherlands decided to assign the company the title of Royal.

Since 1899, Rembrandt watercolour has grown into an indispensable brand for the professional watercolourist, thanks to the excellent quality and the craftsmanship that has always been at the heart of their paint production. The wide range of 120 colours is available in tubes and pans.

As part of the brand prize:

— Professional Watercolour Paint, Metal Tin Set, 12 Pans + 1 Brush

— Water Colour Brush Series 100 No. 0, Pure Kolinsky

— Water Colour Paper 24X32cm

Rembrandt watercolours are made in Holland of only the best materials. This professional-quality colour range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colours. The metal tin has hinged lids to use for mixing wells. Includes 12 watercolour paint pans in the following colours: Cadmium Yellow Lemon (+++207), Azo Yellow Deep Cadmium Free (+++248), Cadmium Red (+++305), Permanent Madder (+++336), Ultramarine Deep (+++506), Cerulean Blue (+++534), Viridian (+++616), Permanent Green (+++662), Yellow Ochre (+++227), Burnt Sienna (+++411), Sepia (+++416), (+++Payne’s Grey 708).

All colours in this set have the highest lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions). This set also includes a travel paintbrush.

— Rembrandt brushes have a large choice of hair types of the highest quality. A perfect setting of hair bundle. They are made with traditional craftmanship and the greatest care.

Perfect for finishing touches or drawing small details. It has a sharp tip and has good elasticity, which allows you to better coordinate your movements, or rather draw.

— Rembrandt paper has been specially designed for the professional painter. It is acid-free which ensures the work stays in good condition for many years. 300 g/m2 – 140 lbs, medium grain, 25% cotton, 4 sides glued, 20 sheet.

This is the technical side of the review, let’s move on to the practical)))

So, “Professional Watercolour Paint, Metal Tin Set, 12 Pans + 1 Brush” is packed in a black matte cardboard box on the lid with a glossy embossed logo of the Rembrandt trademark.

Metal box painted in matt black. The top cover is divided into three compartments — the palette. On the underside, there are legs and a special mount for ease of use in the open air. An open set is three compartments. The palette, the panel with ditches, and the inner lid are also the palette (I often use this side of the palette to work in small volumes with paints in tubes).

The panel with cuvettes is removable, which makes it possible to operate as well as clean the set. The cuvettes are packed in a paper wrapper, which contains all the information about this color, in several languages. All cuvettes have a color number and the first letter of the brand, which is very convenient. When you have favorite colors, you can easily find the right color in the shop, even if there is no wrapper. )))

The set includes a brush transformer, in a plastic design. Water Color Brush Series 110 No. 4, Pure Kolinsky

More about colors.

What pleases me most in Rembrandt’s watercolors is the high pigmentation of the paint. As part of 80% pigment and 20% binder (gum arabic). All colors of this set have maximum light fastness and the majority have maximum transparency.

207 Cadmium Yellow Lemon

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Semi-transparent
  • Price series — 3
  • Pigment — PY35

248 Azo Yellow Deep Cadmium Fre

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Price series — 1
  • Pigment — PY110

305 Cadmium Red

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Semi-transparent
  • Price series — 1
  • Pigment — PR108

336 Permanent Madder

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Price series — 2
  • Pigment — PR264/PV19

506 Ultramarine Deep

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PB29

534 Cerulean Blue

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Semi-transparent
  • Price series — 3
  • Pigment — PB35

616 Viridian

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PG7

662 Permanent Green

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PG7/PY154

227 Yellow Ochre

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PY42

411 Burnt Sienna

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PR101/PBk1

416 Sepia

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Price series — 1
  • Pigment — PBk7/PR101

708 Payne’s Grey

  • Light fastness — +++
  • Opacity —  Transparent
  • Pigment — PBk6/PV19

Water Color Paper 24X32cm, block, standardly packed in polyethylene. Thick enough cover, the lower left corner is cut off for ease of use. The block format is convenient for plein airs. I think it will be convenient for working with various genres and in different techniques. The bottom cover is thick cardboard, 3 mm thick., Essentially a tablet.

The test is presented on two types of paper, for comparison. First — this is already declared by Rembrandt paper, the second — texture paper, density — 450 g / m2

Almost all colors have proven themselves perfectly.

Smooth coating, excellent compliance with the declared properties. I especially highlight Cadmium Yellow Lemon and Sepia — “should be” in each palette. Poorly absorbed into the brush — Permanent Green (when dried, it gave a whitish tint) and Cerulean Blue (although the shade itself pleased, in the lineup, Van Gogh Cerulean is my favorite, but sometimes I mix it with muffled from another manufacturer, now this is not necessary).

Two-minute watercolor sketch of the sunset sky. Due to the lack of my working colors in the palette, I had to mix Ultramarine Deep and Payne’s Gray.

Ultramarine Deep with Cerulean Blue gave a little sediment, I will try it in other combinations. Cadmium Yellow Lemon after drying took a pleasant transparent color, I take it to my palette.

Conclusions: Rembrandt has proven its reputation for quality professional watercolor paints. Statement of product properties — fully confirmed myself, I am 100% satisfied.

There are practically no opaque colors in the palette, for me, this is a big plus. For those looking for clear, transparent shades, this is the best choice. And a very important point I repeat, the majority of the shades under consideration are one pigmented. The pigment content is 80%, make your own conclusions.))

A fly in the ointment … of the minuses of this set. It is positioned as a “travel set”, in my opinion for such statements, a little strange palette. But this is more my subjective opinion.

As I study and experiment with this set I will add to my article works made with the help of Rembrandt watercolor.

Paper — Rembrandt paper, was a real discovery for me. For a long time, I was choosing a good block for the trip, and the choice was definitely made.

The work below is done using my usual palette, from the claimed set used Cadmium Yellow Lemon.

Twilight over Izmir

The main conclusion of this testing:

The claimed quality is 100% confirmed. I will work more with the brand Rembrandt, and I hope only to be affirmed in this opinion.

Thanks for attention!

Julia Kochetova

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