About foundation

The foundation was created to support contemporary watercolor art.
Watercolor is a very complex, delicate material, boundlessly exciting with its unpredictability and technical capabilities. There is in this amazing technique, a special charm, lightness and weightlessness, the ability to remarkably accurately convey the swiftness and fleetingness of the moment.
Artists create beautiful, unique works using only paper, colored pigment, and water, but this is precisely the skill of watercolor artists.
At the moment, watercolor art is gaining immense popularity all over the world, hundreds of artists try themselves in this technique, and create wonderful works.
Our task is to create an open ART platform for the exchange of experience, holding exhibitions and plein airs, festivals, and competitions for watercolor artists from all over the world.
Step by step, with the help of our projects and the support of partners and members of the foundation, we will move towards the main goal — the opening of new art platforms and galleries of the contemporary watercolor art found around the world.
Thanks to the events of the Foundation, catalogs published as a result of exhibitions, and various projects that are planned for 2021, a wide audience will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of modern masters of watercolor painting, and it will be possible to discover a new direction in the world of art.

Project Gold Edition

Foundation members receive the following privileges:

— a discount on participation in all events that will be organized by our foundation

— certificate of a foundation member

— A personal page with the full CV gallery of your works and contact information on the website of our foundation in the section of foundation members (information on your page can be updated at your request once every three months)

— The most active members of the foundation will receive an invitation to the annual traditional Plein air in Poland.

— Every year, by voting (all members of the foundation will be able to vote), the artist of the year will be chosen among the members of the foundation. The winner will receive a package of prizes from our ART partners.

— Once a year, a catalog of the works of the foundation members will be published, (one page for each member) which will be sent to all major galleries (+more than 50 galleries) — the cost of printing in the catalog is 35 euros, the price includes your copy of the catalog (shipping costs not included).

If you want to become a member of the fund, write to us by email: stepbystep.competition@gmail.com